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OUTLOOK ANDALUCIA - Learning while Enjoying


"Sceptical as I was like many people before joining an Outlook Training, it turned out to be a real positive experience of which I take advantage every day since then. It feels like I have been part of a brief but privileged education process. Also it is like working intensively together with a small group of people - trying to compose a song and finally succeed in perfoming it together after three days. Undoubtedly a course of a lifetime with a useful result in my daily life."
Dirk Vandewiele, Travel Organiser Divantoura, (Gent, Belgium)

" You should go - it is like getting a tool box or a set of tools to help you for the rest of your life."
Pom Piek, Hotelier Hotel la Fuente de la Higuera, (Ronda, Spain)

" It was a an incredible journey. Tony Wiseman, the trainer is one of the worlds unknown geniuses."
Chris Chaplow, Internet Marketing Consultant (Marbella, Spain)

"Outlook training can open doors that might otherwise remain closed to you for the whole of your life. Anyone who feels that they are not in touch with that elusive person that we long to be should give Outlook a go. You have nothing to lose apart from - perhaps - some of those inhibiting beliefs and ways of being that can often lie between us and Happiness."
Guy Hunter Watts, Hotel el Tejar, Tour Guide and Writer Special Places to Stay in Spain, (Ronda, Spain)

" At a time of my life when retirement was fast approaching I came across the Outlook course. What an experience, within a year I had take my ´slippers´off, turned my life around and took a huge leap in a new direction with amazing results. After that came Essence and finally Summit. All were huge challenges and stretches and at 64 all three courses have inspired me to look forward to new energy and enthusiasm for life."
Serena, 64, enjoying my new life, (Belgium)

" I have learnt a lot of things through Outlook, but the most vital thing I learned is that what matters is the HERE AND NOW."
Leila Bourquin, 63, Simultaneous Interpretor (San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain)

"On the first day I was so taken aback (shocked) by the course that I wanted to leave and actually asked for my money back. I decided to stay and believe that it was an excellent investment. Seven months later I am still seeing the benefits. Thank you very much."
Monica, 42, National & International Media (Marbella, Spain)

"For me Outlook is a new perspective or insight, I believe that it has provided an opportunity for me to consider my life from other angles, which I may not have known existed. It is no panacea but has opened my eyes."
Fuen, 34, Audiovisual technician (Madrid, Spain)

"There are some things in life which can´t be easily explained, one of these is the Outlook course. There are no words to explain the feelings I experienced"
"Outlook is the path to find your true worth and how far you can reach…out to infinity and beyond"
"Doing Outlook is understanding your inner self, it makes you aware of who and what you are, not what others may have made you believe that you are"
"Outlook is another way to obtain happiness.Happiness is inside you, but you may not have realised that yet"
"Outlook helps you understand yourself and understand that others are like you"
"The highlight of the course is the people you´ll meet there"
"Outlook is one of the most important things in my life, it helped me to find myself and to follow my inner path. Wow!!!!"
Alejandro Carreras (Ronda, Spain)

"My name is Lu, I am a single mother and run a small hotel. I am 35 years old. I attended the last Outlook in Spain. I went with a lot of past emotional baggage. I was not able to deal with all my issues but Outlook helped me to address a number of them. I let go of grieving for my father who was lost at sea 20 years ago, there was always some doubt as to whether he was dead and it was hard to let him go without any proof of death and finality. Outlook helped me to let him go and also to forgive him and my mother for various traumatic incidents that happened in my childhood. I felt victimized and sorry for myself and have passed through my life carrying the weight of my destructive emotions and not allowing myself to drop them and get on with actually living instead of aimlessly passing time.
I now try to live in the moment. Enjoying what there is, instead of missing what there isn't. I have started to look objectively at things without being crowded by pre-judgements. I feel lighter, I feel that I don't have to compete, I feel less guilt, I enjoy feeling (which is new for me) the bad and the good. I feel that the four days of Outlook helped me get a grip on myself more than any book or therapist has been able to do. Outlook releases you from yourself. It lets you love, not for expecting something in return but for the joy of giving and feeling.
I wish everybody could experience Outlook. We would be a happier people and the world would be a better place. I thank the Outlook team for the opportunity."
Lu, 35, Hotel los Castaños (near Ronda, Spain)

"Outlook helped me realise that I could change my life and live it the way I wanted to."
Richard Halford, Artist (San Ambrosio, Spain)

"It gave a really helpful set of tools to create your own life as an awakening and dynamic process. This course helped me to face the useless fears and instead establish useful habits."
Gerd Belliger, Naturopath (Zahora, Spain)

"Outlook is one of the greatest things you will do in your life."
Keith, Dental technician, UK

"It has given me a lot more appetite to go out there and get it, to go out there and live it!"
Aoife, Telesales executive, UK

"It was the best investment I ever made. It helped me to realize what holds me back and it helped me to overcome my phobias"
Helen, Illustrator, UK

"I personally came alive having done the course."
Shefton, IT consultant, UK

"Outlook helped me believe in myself"
Juliet, Interior Designer, UK

What I´ve learned is:
Ït does´nt matter what choice you make, it is always the right one. Follow your instict.
Stoy Vandewiele, 20, Student (Gent, Belgium)

"When I attended the outlook training I was really sceptical, but then it showed to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I learnt how to overcome my fears to accomplish my dreams. Outlook helped me gain a greater self-confidence about myself and what I'm capable of. I realized a lot about myself and others. Outlook is an amazing course and I'm so happy that I did it, it really helped me to improve my life."
Anna Wikander, 23, Student (Stockholm, Sweden)

"After Outlook I felt invincible and took control of my life."
Why I organised OUTLOOK in Spain? Because I wanted everyone else to get as much as I did, its proved to be the best thing I've done for myself. For the first time in my life I realised many things and most importantly that I had the power to take control, that I could do anything at all, that all is possible!
I made some of my best friends on Outlook and still get so much support and love from them.
Alcinoo Giandinoto, Photographer and Designer, Hard Hat Studio Co - Creator and Organisor of the first few bilingual Outlooks in Andalucia (Italy, Spain, Brasil, UK)

¨For me Outlook has been the most amazing experience of my life, it´s definitely the best things I have done for myself! ¨It has made a positive difference to my personal life and helped me alot to re-organise my business, and I continue to get benefit from it now.
I have seen so many wonderful changes in others too.
For this reason I organised Outlook for the first time in december ´97, and why I am passionate to make it happen again here in Andalucia where I live, and to share this opportunity with others.
Karen Abrahams, 40, Casas Karen and Outlook Andalucia Organiser
(Belgium, Spain)




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