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OUTLOOK ANDALUCIA - Learning while Enjoying

Outlook Andalucía Organisers

Karen Abrahams is the founder organisor of the first Outlook in Andalucia in 1997, and later in 2002 teamed together with Alcinoo to create and organise the first bi-lingual Outlook in English and Spanish. As Outlook has grown into such a successful venture, it is now supported by a team of dedicated partners who ensure the course ....

Outlook Team

The supporting team have completed Outlook and help in different areas to ensure the next Outlook course will be a success. You may consult them about Outlook at any time.
• Dirk Vandewiele
• Chris Chaplow
• Guy Hunter Watts
• Leila Bourquin
• Chris Beazley
• Anna Wikander
• Fiona Black

Outlook Trainer

Tony Wiseman a professional trainer with more than 30 years international experience, who has worked on more than 450 courses with people of all ages and from all walks of life.
Tony is an intuitive and empowering trainer. His unique method and attention to detail make his trainings a resounding success time and time again.

Outlook Assistants

Outlook is supported by a large team of assistants. Everyone has completed a previous Outlook and has volunteered to return to help assist in the course.

Outlook Interpreter

Leila Bourquin, an exceptional professional interpreter, works incredibly hard to ensure the Spanish speakers understand the trainers message. She was an Outlook participant recently and returns to help others benefit from the course.




Tel: +34 956 43 70 67 | Fax:+34 956 43 72 33 | Email:

Outlook Andalucia, Fuente del Madroño, 6, 11159 Los Caños de Meca, Cádiz - España