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OUTLOOK ANDALUCIA - Learning while Enjoying

Outlook is a course held over 3 days in which you have the opportunity to discover ways to become more effective and dynamic in all phases of your life - including those areas in which you already feel satisfied.

The course covers:

• Taking control of your life
• Making real progress in your life
• Identifying ineffective and limiting beliefs and behaviour
• Overcoming fear
• Learning to enjoy
• How to take action
• Setting and achieving goals

"All this will help to have a more relaxed life in general and in situations of stress."

The course weekend includes:

• The personal attention of Tony Wiseman who is a professional trainer with 30 years international experience. Tony has worked with more than 15,000 people of all ages and from all walks of life
• Simple, effective techniques
• Assistants who will support and work with you throughout the course.
• People from different countries
• Leila Bourquin, an experienced professional interpretor

One of the best detailed accounts of an Outlook Course can be read in Ron Meldon's published account entitled "From the View of a Group Leader"


For those of you for whom Outlook Training means learning to manage your E-mails, it should be clear: The Outlook Training Company has nothing to do with Outlook Express, that Microsoft product you (may) love so much. Outlook is a personal growth course, a "life skills" course. It enables people to identify and overcome the barriers and limiting self-beliefs that prevent them doing what they really want in life.

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